Plastic Bag Bans – Big Money Involved

September 5, 2010

Its been awhile since I did some blogging – a very busy summer takes you away from the computer.  I just returned from the Hawaiian Islands – one of my favorite places in the world.  Its one of the first times that I can remember NOT pulling a ton of trash out of the reefs.  Hopefully a good sign and trend.  Recently there have been several attempts at banning plastic bags – in California, and once again the battle has been taken up in Oregon.  Oregonians are known for their environmentalism, but, big money is always at the point of the battle.  Our state senators and representatives are easy prey for big corporate dollars.  Amercian Chemistry and the Plastic Council will end up spending millions to save their precious industry. 

Banning plastic bags and helping stem the tide of plastic pollution in our environment is an uphill battle – and will be.  The public really doesn’t give a crap about it, its just a quick use product that is thrown away or used in the garbage.  99% of the public doesn’t see the damage, doesn’t know the harm caused to marine animals, or care much about the toxicity – because they just don’t see it.   We live in a society that thinks that once something is convenient, and regularly used – it must ALWAYS be so.  Which is damaging and stupid.  Change is hard, and explaining why something needs to be changed is even harder.  Since corporations are now considered having the same rights has living, breathing people (thanks Supreme Court), we are now in for money battles that will dwarf anything we’ve seen before.  Which means that grass roots, blogs, internet campaigns, and giving speeches and seminars are more important than ever.


Oil, toxins, pollution: Where does it end?

May 29, 2010

I honestly do not think the average person realizes what a monumental disaster the latest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico means.  The amounts of toxicity – not only from the oil but the highly dangerous dispersants (a nice name for a toxic cocktail that kills just about anything it touches).  Try to image the untold millions of gallons of oil, dispersants and other toxic by products that are now part of our eco-system.  We will be living with this hidden toxicity for years, long after the visible effects are gone.

How many cancer victims in the next 20 years, how many neurological disorders, how many deformities, how many people losing their quality of life earlier than they should.  Well guess what, we will never know.  It will be out of your mind in a few weeks, and you’ll go about your business, your life and think what a beautiful day it is…

Or, are you going to push for change?  Our dangerous addiction and affliction to oil needs to end.  Our air, water and land (and now oceans), are damaged. You want to see cancer rates drop, you want to see less Autism, ADD, and all the modern plagues that are harming our children?   Kick the oil habit, kick the toxicity habit, make that change happen…

The Truth about Off Shore Drilling: A Planet Protect perspective

May 1, 2010

If I learned anything this past week about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (eco-disaster) is that we have no shortage of oil rigs in the Gulf.  Perhaps I was like most American’s who thought that we had a few rigs, that the oil companies wanted more, more leases, more access and more profit.  I come to find out that there are 3,500 rigs being used off 90 platforms.   Excuse me?  So basically, the big ugly oil rigs we see off the coast, have lines leading to hundreds and hundreds of well spots a mile under the sea.

The other disturbing fact – in the past four years there have been 500 fires on these few platforms (according to the Feds), and dozens have been hurt and killed.  So this accident was only a matter of time.  This accident could have happened – hundreds of times before.  We’ve just been lucky – until now.  Obama should have a review of all rigs, and all safety protocols before these 3,500 wells deep under the sea – which we can’t even reach (nor fix) – have problems.

Creating our First Ever Planet Protect Clothing

March 17, 2010

I used to think those fashion reality shows were a bit overdone.  Not any longer.  We here at Planet Protect Sportswear Co. are about to unveil our first line of Northwest made clothing.  The challenges have been amazing, finding US grown and milled material, finding local sewers, non-toxic dyes, trying very hard to keep everything state side.  We flat-out refuse to ship overseas, and we might make a little less profit, but we feel its worth it. 

Our goal is to get retailers around the country to look at our line, and seriously consider buying our brand.  We are excited at the look, very fresh and contemporary, with our ocean based messaging.  If you are a retailer, please contact us, we’d love to show you are photos, samples and pricing.

After our first runway show next week, I’ll be posting a few photos!

Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Update: Fear Wins

March 7, 2010

We at Planet Protect Sportswear were thrilled to hear that a bill was circulating in our capital of Salem that would have finally banned the menace of plastic grocery bags.  That battle ended a few weeks ago with a whimper from the State Senator that enacted the bill.  Not citing his reasons, he mentioned that it started some good discussion.  Which is “politic speak” for I didn’t want to make anyone mad, rock anyone’s boat, or have to take on Big Plastic and their legions of highly paid lawyers.

The most interesting part about this chickening out of taking an extreme problem – one which 11 cities in our country have stood up and said enough – is that people (read conservatives) seem to have this mind-set that anything that we use for convenience is somehow now a right.  Meaning we have legal rights to use environmentally damaging products, simply because we can.  Or we have for a certain period of time, so it must continue without end or modification.  These change-less agents are quick to label anyone wanting a better life, healthier life, or less eco-damaging life as liberal nut jobs.   They feel that industries such as Coal, Oil, and Plastic somehow would never steer us wrong, never tell us an untruth.  Big Plastic is smart, well-funded and is launching mis-leading web sites constantly promoting plastic and demonizing paper products (especially those made from recycled paper).    Change starts at home, buy reuseable bags, use less plastic, buy glass, aluminum and paper, and keep recycling.  Plastic can’t be recycled (it can be downcycled into items like park benches and yes, reuseable totes).  Keep fighting for bans in your city, our oceans, waterways and marine animals need your help.

The Environmental Movement’s Biggest Problem? Few Solutions.

February 21, 2010

As an ocean conservationist and owner of Planet Protect Sportswear, I’m guilty of telling all about the problems, and offering few solutions.  I feel its one of the biggest flaws in the environmental movement, we sound the alarm, and quickly pass the buck to someone else to solve.  I’m sure for many it seems like the problems are so massive, where do you start.  The other problem is there are too many preachers and not enough workers. 

The days of educating the public needs to end.  The days of signing petitions and holding candle lite vigils needs to end.  Joining causes on Facebook does not make you an activist it makes you in-active.  We love to sit at home and watch Whale Wars and marvel at these people fighting to save whales.  We are quick to watch documentaries, stream videos on our laptops, and recycle once a week and somehow we are doing our part.  Your are not doing your part.  Your $35 donation to Sierra Club makes a club member not an environmentalist.

Embracing the eco-lifestyle is not a trend, its a way of life we need to promote, not hide from.  Right now I’m watching the Tea Party participants protest, raise money, fight like hell, and for what – politics!  When the hell are we going to fight like hell for the only damn world we have?  When do one-million environmentalists show up in Washington DC and demand the end of pollution, toxicity, corporate influence and corruption? When do we take over the air-waves with our message – “we are done being poisoned, we are done being lied to, we are done with business as usual.”

Or maybe you can join a Facebook cause and call it a night…

Forget Climate Change – Focus on the Oceans for a Change

February 11, 2010

With all the focus on climate change – which is always difficult during winter as it tends to be cold, and hence the problem is instantly solved in the minds of many. We at Planet Protect keep beating the drum about ocean change, the drastic and immediate effect of CO2 on our oceans.  The nay-sayers about climate change stay far away from Ocean Acidification (the increase of acidity in our oceans).  Why?  Because the science is too solid, too complete to ignore.  The nay sayers can’t blame solar cycles, moon beams, or liberal plots by the Obama Administration (probably add in Al Gore too).  The PH balance of the ocean is shifting  – quickly and with devastating results.  The culprit is CO2, it’s the CO2 we produce and we are to blame.  Hey Fox News, ask me to be on the Glenn Beck show or Hannity and I’ll rip apart your hosts with facts…

Nature is a remarkably resilient and strong process, it can change and adapt in amazing situations, and life on our planet has endured much.  It will endure our tampering with the bio-chemistry, atmospheric chemistry of our world, the problem is, all the beauty, all the elements and life we have come to enjoy will also be changed.

What if all coral reefs died off in the next 15 years?  What if most shelled creatures died off (clams, oysters, shell-fish) in the next 20 years?  What if seas of weeds become the norm?  Yes, life would go on… but would we enjoy this changed world? What kind of world do we want to preserve?  What do we want to conserve?  Its time we focused on our water world, our planet of seas, and its time to see the change happening to our oceans.