Do You Think Local Governments Should do More to Spur Recycling?

When I last visited the EPA, (April 2008), I wanted to know specifically, what is being done to stem the tide of debris (plastic in particular) being dumped into our oceans. The answer surprised me – nothing. The challenge is that every county, every municipality, is responsible for garbage, recycling and containment. Many areas in our country do not recycle at all, others are meticulous. So I pose the question… should this be a mandated initiative from the Federal Government¬†level?¬† If so, what would you focus the legislative action toward?


One Response to Do You Think Local Governments Should do More to Spur Recycling?

  1. Kim says:

    ok, this is a huge gripe of mine. We as the leading industrialized nation, world superpower, blah, blah, blah, we stink at recycling. I think that it should be mandated at the Federal level, if we consume we are responsible for recycling. Every visit I make to the small town I grew up in, I am aghast that no one recycles anything!!!! If you add up all those small towns around this country that’s tons of garbage, and tons of plastic. In today’s world it is absolutely irresponsible not to recycle, and if people aren’t empowered on their own it’s time that the government gets involved. (Not that they don’t already have more than they can take care of.) When I travel to Europe I am in awe of how much they recycle. It’s everywhere, and packaging is lower impact, when are we going to get with the program??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

    All communities are responsible for their own “containment”, but since they can’t currently act responsibly it has to be removed from the county level. I’ve thought about this so much, and where to start with legislation….I think that all communities that generate garbage should be required in a multi-step program to initiate full community wide recycling. At the Federal level maybe we could start by initiating a study of some of the other countries that are far more successful than we are, look to see how they handle this issue. Look into what recycling facilities are in place nationwide, and how much more they might be able to handle as well as considering the need for building additional facilities. As the infrastructure is built to accomodate needs more and more communities are added until everyone is included.

    The other MAJOR factor is that this also needs to become part of our school’s curriculum, if children are taught now about recycling etc. and it’s importance, they will become the leaders of the future, they will make change happen.

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