Ocean Acidity: The First Symptom of CO2 Excess

Its reported, its ignored. This seems to be the mindset of politicians, leaders, and of course companies involved in oil and coal. While the debate and analysis of climate rages on between the Science Community, University Researchers, Climatologists and those who think this is a liberal conspiracy at ending the reign of SUV’s. 

I’m perplexed by the complete dismissal of the first and probably most important symptom of dumping billions of tons of CO2 into our atmosphere – ocean acidification. Ask anyone where they think all this excess gas goes, and trees and plants will be the first answer. After the trees and plants have their fill, then where? You’ll get a blank stare.

Into the oceans.

I’m sure I’ll be labeled an “alarmist,” since this the new buzz label for the Right. So yes, I am alarmed when I read research about the levels of acidity increasing in our oceans, yes, I’m alarmed when I read research about what affect this will have on coral reefs, calcification of marine organisms, biological affects on marine mammals and ultimately our own health and dependence on our oceans.

For those interested check out the 2004 report (yes, five years old) submitted by the Royal Society, along with their dire concerns.  I have the link below.  Or simply search under Ocean Acidification.

Interestingly, the opponents are few and far between, some claim welling up of CO2 from the sea-floor, but just like the debates on climate change, they are blanket statements without any valid research.


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