Toxic Mixing:Poisoning Our Oceans

It struck me the other day, why do we allow manufacturers and companies to dump billions of gallons of toxic waste into our waters? Last year, in my home state of Oregon, I learned about toxic mixing. The practice of dumping highly toxic waste into rivers and streams, allowed by environmental quality departments and not disclosed to the public. In short: companies allowed to legally poison us. Its a shocking and frightening mindset. The rivers surrounding my home are Superfund sites. Now here’s the part that really strikes me, each day I travel to work, I see dozens of fishermen harvesting trout, salmon or whatever is in season or allowed. These fish are living in the very sludge that is allowed to be dumped. This toxic mess is entering our oceans, and slowly by surely we are poisoning ourselves.  When do we finally say enough?  When do we finally take care of our water?


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