Reef Madness

coral 1Summer is almost here, and while its our busiest time of year for clothing sales, its also the busiest time of year for our reefs, coastlines and marine environments.  Millions of people will visit the ocean this summer in hopes of seeing fish, stingray, octopus and other marine life.  I have to admit there is no greater thrill than floating free and easy in the surf and watching the interactions of the diverse marine life our planet has to offer.

We at Planet Protect Sportswear want to offer our customers and the readers of our Blog some simple advice when it comes to visiting reefs around the world.

1. Leave The Beach Cleaner Than You Found It.  Which means taking out other people trash as well as your own.

2. Keep The Ocean Clean.  Grab any floating debris (man made) such as plastic so that marine animals don’t mistakenly ingest the material.  I take along a mesh sack so I can clean the reef.  I’ve taken out bags full of stuff over the years – some of it very disturbing.

3. Practice Floating.  Don’t stand on the corals, these are alive and are easily damaged and killed by your weight.

4. Enjoy The Marine Environment.  Please don’t chase, feed or touch marine life.

5. Keep Cigarettes off the Beach.  You find hundreds of butts, try to gather them up and dispose of them.  See my blog about cigarettes in May, 2009.

6. Support Reef Friendly Businesses.  Those suppliers who activily participate in beach clean-ups and reef clean ups, plus donate to marine advocacy.

7.  Make Sure Your Hotel and Dive Operator: “walk the talk” and are adamant about protecting the oceans.

8. Help Others Understand Our Oceans.  We are the only ones who can advocate for our planet and its oceans.  Start speaking up!


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