Seas of Tragedy

The crash of Air France Flight 447  is a sad tale, and we may never know what caused the crash and our hearts go out to the families in need.  Today, a story emerged that once again highlights the dire need to protect our oceans.  As the rescue crews are searching for remains and clues to the crash of flight 447, the crews are discovering our oceans are trashed.  In fact, the trash is hampering the search.  Please check out the link below to read the story.

Its becoming more and more clear to our world’s citizens that the oceans are becoming garbage dumps for the world’s cities.  Planet Protect Sportswear’s main mission is to highlight this problem and offer solutions, though I hope the problem is never revealed again is such a manner.

Out of this tragedy of Air France 447, the reporters on the scene are noticing another unfortunate truth, the pollution levels of our oceans are becoming starkly obvious.  Both strike me sad in different ways, both profoundly.  Let me know what you think…


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