Scream If You Must…

pollution 4Get active, make a difference.  This Planet Protect Blog is about activism and how to make your voice heard.  We are living at a time of cross roads; decisions need to be made that will affect our way of life, our health and our care of our planet.  You’ll hear people say, that the planet is dying, that nothing will survive if we don’t act.  Not true, the planet will survive, life will endure, it’s just… will we be along for the ride?  The Earth has survived unimaginable devastation in the past, and life has re-emerged time and time again.  The Earth will survive us.  I however, want my children along for the ride.

This is a critical time for us to make a difference for the human race, for our families, our children and our place in the natural world, and to create a healthy and sustainable future for the next and future generations. And that also means not ignoring our animal and plant friends, we are intrinsically tied to everything in this closed natural system we call a planet.

Our health and longevity cannot afford the onslaught of pollution. We cannot continue to treat our air as a dumping ground for every toxin created.  We cannot allow companies to dump every toxic substance left over from manufacturing into our rivers and oceans.  Its time to say enough is enough – and the only way to make a difference is to speak up.  If you’ve never written your congressional representative or senator – do so.  Protest, march, scream if you must, but make yourself heard.   I created Planet Protect as my form of activism, with T-shirts, with donations, with web sites and public speaking – this is my activism.  What is yours? I really want to hear…


One Response to Scream If You Must…

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

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