Wrap This Around Your Car

I’m watching television the other day when a new product commercial is aired.  This one really got me steamed.  I’m not a fan of disposable throw away cleaning aids.  They are a waste and fill up landfills with crap that will never decompose.  Sorry, back to the commercial I saw.  There is this new plastic wrap that goes on the front of cars so that bugs don’t ruin the paint job.  “Just peel off and throw away!”  It comes in a 100 foot long roll, and you can constantly wrap your car in plastic – for its protection.

I drive a lot for my work – I drive a Prius – I’m trying to do my part to lesson my footprint – and I admit its challenging.  However, this is plain lunacy, talk about unbelievable waste of resources, landfill space and for what – bugs?  I take a hose and rag and wipe them off, and my paint job looks just fine. 

So here’s the question of the day – when do we start telling these companies  – No.  No to waste, no to irresponsibility, and no to bad product development.  Of course it will sell – our cars need constant protection from the environment – too bad the environment has no protection from idiotic companies.


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