Treasure for Trash?

Its not fun picking up after others, and I occasionally fall into the trap of – “others will do it, especially those paid to do it.”  However, at many of the beaches I travel, the only people who will pick up after others, is those who choose to do so.  And they won’t get paid for the action.  Throughout the world, there are annual beach clean ups, and they work phenomenally well for two or three days a year.  The other 360 days the beaches are left to absorb the trash, have it blow off to sea, or be ingestegarbage cand by marine mammals.

It strikes me as an obvious marketing opportunity for intrepid companies to encourage weekly beach clean up activities.  I think of all the youth groups, senior groups, family groups who love to participate in activities, yet, why not tie-in a marketing initiative – like trash for treasures (cookies, prizes, coupons, enter win, and more).  I think of all the non-profit groups desperate for money, yet here is a great way to convince foundations to give – by promising a true tangible action – a reduction in ocean going debris and trash. Enough with research and data, get to work making an immediate difference!  Perhaps we need to pressure our representatives to start giving grants for action as well as brain power.

If we ever hope to stem the tide of plastic, trash, debris and toxicity going into our oceans, its time to start thinking about incentives, the current laws don’t seem to do much.  Post your thoughts!


3 Responses to Treasure for Trash?

  1. Eric Monpain says:

    We need help to empliment our plan all over the world. We will be in Cozumel Mexico November 1st. We also intend on going to Los Cobos Mexico, where hurricane Jemene laft the beaches in a poor state. We know that sometimes timming is of the essence, we would appreciate any information on funding the start of this project. We are presently doing solicitation to atract members to Treasure The World we hope that our plan fits in the criteria of what is needed.

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