Missing Friends: Taken with Permission

We are wrapping up our annual trip to the islands, we have great new photos of our apparel, got some sun, and we are about to miss our second home – Maui.  However, more than ever, I’ve noticed more and more of my friends missing – the brightly colored fishes that make snorkeling and diving a special thrill.  It was very apparent this trip, a couple of yellow tangs here and there, and fewer fish.  It seems that the aquarium industry can legal take millions of fish each year to supply the office and restaurant aquariums around the globe.  I honestly had no idea the taking of the fish had reached such a level that is visible and noticeable.  One web site to check out is SaveHawaiianReefs.org, they are working to establish limits and re-establish the fish levels.IMG_0934

It once again comes back to sustainability and being responsible.  I’m sure the arguments against protecting the fish, will be someone might lose a job.  How about losing the tourist industry?  How about the protecting the now algae ridden reefs because the cleaner fish are now gone.  Every time I come to the islands, I find another reason to be a marine conservationist.  Don’t forget, we donate 10% of every purchase at our store toward ocean protectionism – visit our site at PlanetProtect.com.


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