Exploring the Ocean: a child’s perspective

There is no greater joy than watching your child explore new worlds with excitement, a little nervousness, and pure joy.  On my last trip to the Hawaiian islands, my middle child, became enamoured with the ocean, its inhabitants, and the thrill of discovering – humuhumunukunukuapuaha (Hawaiian trigger fish) by the dozens.  I think she just liked saying the name as fast as possible.  Respect for our oceans starts young, as does dis-respect.  I watched some parents allow their children to torment, chase and attempt to destroy anything that moved, and other children inexplicable mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the sea.  As a parent, I have worked very hard to let my children know the importance of the oceans, how, when well managed can provide food, provide medical benefits, tourist support for communities, and conversely, how when mismanaged, can lead toward disease, destruction of communities and lack of food for all (up and down the food chain).  Its just that simple, a teaching of respect, tolerance and providing education toward a specific subject.


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