Tax & Spend: Green Jobs

road side garbageOver the past few weeks I’ve spent an enormous amount of time on our highways and freeways.  It is astounding the amounts of trash that litters the roadsides.  A few posts ago, I mentioned that pick-up trucks are a major culprit in this trash mountain created daily on our roadways, the other culprit is the fast food industry. 

The next time you are on the road, try counting the number of Coke bottles, Burger King bags, Taco Bell wrappers and other products you see along your journey.  Its truly staggering.  Most all of this ends up in our waterways and in our oceans (through waste water drains).  Our states spend billions of dollars a year collecting this waste, plus millions of dollars are raised by private citizens to sponsor roads as well, just to keep them clean, and its an ongoing battle that cannot be won, only managed.

So here’s an idea.  Perhaps its time for the fast food producers and consumers to take responsibility for their mess.  Perhaps is time to take the burden off the tax payers, and put it on the product consumers.  Either way, we pay.  So how about a tax on fast food?  Let’s say .10 cents on each and every purchase goes toward roadway clean up, and we hire thousands of unemployed people to take care of our trash problems.

That’s a tax and spend that might actually work.  By freeing up the billions of dollars the individual states have to spend, that money can be put toward education, health care costs and infrastructure.  Those same work crews currently hired to do roadside trash management would still be employed, just through a new revenue stream.  Plus thousands of others  can be brought into the work force.

If we are in such need of jobs, let’s start looking at ways to make our lives better, cleaner and more productive.


One Response to Tax & Spend: Green Jobs

  1. Colleen says:

    I like your idea of finding a new way to solve the litter problem! Once on a 1 mile walk from my home to a local store my daughters and I picked up 1 garbage bag full of litter. 80% of it came from the Taco Bell and Burger King on the same street. I remember when I was a kid there was a psa with a native american telling us not to litter. Perhaps an updated public education campaign could also make a dent in the problem. Aren’t we all grown-ups? We should be able to take some responsiblity for our actions.

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