Health Care:The Hardest Solution

Planet Protect Sportswear Blog: September 4Action 2

The health care debate is raging.  Its political, contested, manipulated, overly emotional and far from being resolved.  The left is demanding change, the right is fighting the left.  We at Planet Protect – the Organic Sportswear Company – are firmly on the side of health.  Healthy lifestyles, clean air, pure water, foods that don’t make you obese, companies that care and a public that gives a damn about such things.

You cannot have health care without an environment that supports health. Cancer rates are too high.  Why?  Almost everything we consume has some form of chemical that has either not been tested, or we are waiting to see if it harms us in the long run.  And if it does harm us, are we truly sure that particular chemical is to blame.  Its a clever shell game of introduce now, and hope it doesn’t hurt later.  Most all of us will be affected eventually – hope you have health insurance when it strikes.

We cannot have health if we fill our air with car exhaust, mill exhaust, processing plant emissions, and allow people to ingest smoking products (known to cause severe damage to human health).  Our Corporate Democracy is too focused on job retention and less on human protection.

As Washington wrestles with health care reform, eventually we will have to focus on health reform – from what we eat, to what we breath and everthing in between.  That’s a battle, I’m ready to be on the front lines for…


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