Cruise Ships: Banned in Hawaii

Here at Planet Protect – The Organic Sportswear Co., there isn’t much we like about Cruise Ships, they pollute, dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into the oceans daily, and are basically unregulated floating cities that promote extravagance and excess.  One place they should be completely banned is around the Hawaiian islands.  There is no reason to have them anywhere near the islands.  The State of Hawaii has is constantly battling these carriers. Do they really add that much to the economy?  At what point do we say environment is more important than tourist dollars?

Legislation should be drafted banning any ship that carries over 100 people from entering the Hawaiian eco-system and waterways – up to 100 miles.  And ships that enter the 3 mile boundary had better follow the rules or be summarily banned from re-entering with stiff fines for carriers.

Each ship is capable of producing as much diesel exhaust as 10,000 cars and trucks per day, are constantly dumping illegally – garbage, oily bilge waste water, and sewage, yet operate around the world in all ports of call with little regard to the surrounding oceans they pollute.  Once these floating and bloating ships hit the open sea, there isn’t much the international community can do to regulate them, and the cruise ship industry knows it.  We say don’t cruise, don’t spend your money supporting these massive producers of waste – it just isn’t worth it – and really… do you need to have a midnight buffet in your life?


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