Changing Minds: one t-shirt at a time

Planet Protect Sportswear recently participated in the Muddy Boot Organic Festival.  We had a phenomenal time selling clothes, talking about our oceans and environment, and raising some money for our charitable partners.  One thing about working the “green” shows, is that you typically talk to people who are in agreement with you, have similar opinions and want you to succeed. 

sea life 5I’ve done my fair share of shows where patrons scrutinize your mission, your intentions and deny that environmental issues exist.  Selling to these customers is satisfying in that you hopefully moved an opinion.  Which is becoming more and more challenging in our entrenched mindset society.  Both liberals and conservatives seem hell-bent on not excepting each others opinions and ideas.  So where is the moderate with the ability to compromise and negotiate.  Are we now a two-party, two ideal country?  Certainly hope not.

For Planet Protect, we have found a simple formula to help change minds – fashion.  Our designs seem to bring in, all groups of people, they are attracted to the colors, the simple application of graphic design and text, and are willing to listen.  And even more willing to buy.  I had one guy a couple of years ago – enter my booth at a Boat Show, he was wearing camouflage, had a beer ball cap on, and his first words were – “you some kind of tree hugger or something.”  My response was – “no, more like a dolphin hugger.”   Which made him laugh, and he immediately noted that so was his youngest daughter.  I told him about our mission and he ended up buying two shirts.  I never forgot that lesson, be funny, be accommodating, and mention our friend in need – the dolphin…


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