Whatever It Is – We Are Against It…

Are there environmental Republicans?  Are there Republicans who are naturalists, conservationists, protectionists?  It seemed when I was growing up, that there were many who were about conserving resources, protecting national parks, not allowing business total control.  Perhaps they were –  the now extinct – Liberal Republican we read about in history books.  It seems these days, any discussion about environmental concerns, whether it be climate change, CO2 overload, pollution, off shore drilling, and any regulation forcing a company to clean up its act – is seen as Liberal, Democrat, and Environmentalist.  Where is the Republican that stands for these things? Is it just not allowed in the party?  Or is the peer pressure so intense that those individuals are fearful of non-exceptance?

I think the bigger question is – where is the Moderate Independent?  Where is the 35% of our country, and why is it so silent?  I have many Republican friends, and I purposefully stay away from hot button issues, simply because there is no discussion, the belief system is in place, and there is no room for sway.  My Democrat friends are equally locked in their belief systems.  Both are guilty of my new favorite line – “Whatever it is – we are against it”….  That doesn’t work very well when you have serious global concerns to contend with.


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