Plastic Wrapped Bananas: Are You Kidding?

bananaThe plastic industry scored another victory against the environment, this time, they are sticking it to bananas.  Yes, 7-Eleven stores are starting to wrap bananas in plastic to keep them fresh longer.   The goal to extend shelf life from two days to four days – a whopping double the time frame!  The CEO for 7-Eleven proclaimed that his customers want yellow bananas not brown, hence the push for a new plastic wrap for the estimated (hold on to your hat) – 27 million individual bananas sold each year!   Once again the loser – the environment – and we all that must deal with this foolish disregard for our congested, overburdened landfills, the increasing plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans – filling up them up with this irresponsible marketing brainchild and promoting packaging waste such as this.  Of course, 7-Eleven recognizes this as a potential ecology nightmare, and hopes a biodegradable solution materializes…

check out the story here:


One Response to Plastic Wrapped Bananas: Are You Kidding?

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