The Importance of Organics

We here at Planet Protect – the Organic Sportswear Co – are frequently asked what are the advantages of Organic Cotton?  Why sell it, what’s the significance?  These are great questions, and we typically get such questions at the trade shows we participate.  People easily understand organic foods – no pesticides and fungicides are used to grow the food, making the food a healthy choice.  In terms of clothing, since we don’t eat our clothes, the real value is in the farming and land use.  Tons of highly toxic chemicals are used in the production of cotton.  The plant is doused with a dangerous mixture to ward of pests,cotton-plant-main_Full fungus and other detractors to its growth. 

Unfortunately, the run off of this toxicity is dangerous to people, our water supplies and health.  Organic cotton is truly the best choice for consumers.  The number of organic cotton farmers has increased dramatically, and we at Planet Protect applaud these suppliers and will continue to sell only Organic cotton t-shirts.

Visit the Organic Trade Association web site:


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