Keep Your Damn Golf Balls Out of the Ocean

Every time I head out into the reefs, there is always a bright white object that catches my eye.  Sometimes its a multitude of bright white objects… golf balls.  It always struck as strange that golf balls would be in areas of the reef, where is there no golf course.  I have tried to figure out current patterns, and yet, those currents do not lead to the offending golf course. 

So how are these balls getting out into the ocean, and deep inside the reef areas?

My own father gave me the answer.  “Its the fantasy of most golfers to hit balls into the ocean.”  He’s even done it himself he confessed to me. On most of my excursions, the golf balls are typically along a well traveled road, near a parking area, and easy access to the beach.  Which might explain the proliferation of balls in certain areas and not others.  And, I surmise, that these golfers, know that doing this is fundamentally wrong, because I’ve never seen anyone doing this during the day, so are these guys being night drivers?


trash from a dive including a golf ball

I really enjoy the game of golf, but, more and more, this is becoming a pollution problem.  I recently read a story that Lock Ness has ten’s of thousands of golf balls at the bottom of the lake.  Apparently, this is a golfer’s fantasy around the globe.  Well, knock it off!  These things don’t break down, decompose, and marine mammals think they are food.  And yes, there is a funny episode of Seinfeld, where Kramer hits a ball into the blowhole of a whale.   In this case, not funny, a pain in the butt for divers and marine conservationists like me…


5 Responses to Keep Your Damn Golf Balls Out of the Ocean

  1. i guess to some golfers its like leaving your mark but i do agree that it isnt best for the enviroment

  2. Hello says:

    Have you seen these Ecobioballs?
    Curious if they really work or not…would love to hit golf balls into the ocean, but I don’t want to pollute the waters.

    • planetprotectsportswear says:

      It seems plausible… I went to the site and read about the 48 hour breakdown. Anything would be better than the hard plastic they use now…

  3. Tom says:

    Can you supply documentation that they are swallowed by sealife, or otherwise negatively impacts the environment?

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