Activist Sportswear: One Customer at a Time

Does it help or hurt being a politically active apparel company.  I’m sure my company would gain more customers if we were politically correct, stayed away from tough issues and only focused on pretty words and phrases.  The fact is, I started Planet Protect Sportswear because I’m sick of the decimation of our oceans, the lack of focus on our marine environments, and the lack of protections (Internationally) for our oceans around the world.   Should I focus on what’s primarily good, and ignore the serious concerns?  Marine activism isn’t sexy, its not very fashionable, though I think our graphics and designs are cool, it may well be a turn off for a majority of our female customers.  Plastic pollution isn’t on the forefront of everyone’s mind… but wIMG_1551ho else is going to push this issue.

The occasional news stories about marine and coastal concerns isn’t going to change a thing.  The acidity levels in our oceans are rising, and governments around the world – including our own, are more concerned with short-term jobs and profits than long-term livability and responsibility.

We have some great new items coming out next year, stylish, cool, hip and very attractive.  However, everything we sell is a reminder that the fight for our oceans must continue.  Our customers wear our clothes with pride, and if it means we sell less, because we support activism and conservationist attitudes, well that’s OK too!


One Response to Activist Sportswear: One Customer at a Time

  1. Brian L. says:

    Eco-minded and “green” apparel is the future of the garment industry – and you guys are doing a good job representing. It’ll take time for it to mature, but everyday there are more and more companies seeing the value and redesigning their brands. Customer’s will follow – as will news media.

    Not too long ago I saw the guys at SailProud – (I’m a sailor and found them at a regatta) do the same thing. They’ve completely refocused onto green technology – I think they use plastic bottles as a source for their polyester, and a bunch of other eco-materials. They’ve already got a nod from some startup competition, so there’s definitely a changing mindset.

    Anyway, keep fighting the good fight! You guys are doing a great job.

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