The Real CO2 problem: Ocean Acidification

Here’s a story you won’t EVER see on Fox News – not that they actually do news, reporting, journalism or much anything else but illogical commentary (I guess that’s for another blog).  As a marine conservationist, retailer and designer, the most alarming and under reported change to our ocean environment is acidification.  The more CO2 we dump into the atmosphere, the more our oceans absorb this by-product of our modern age.  coral 1

NOAA has put together a great web site that covers in detail this concern.  Our government has been concerned about this for years, even during the Bush Administration.  So for those Republicans out there, this isn’t new.  See Ocean Research Bill – July 2008:

Climate change is going to take decades to show conclusive results for even the most ardent non-believers. Here is real data on Ocean Acidification, real facts that are measurable, precise and conclusive – right now.  We will be releasing new shirts this Spring – enlightening our customers about this growing and dangerous concern.  We’ve already written our Senators numerous times, and so should you.  We must reduce our carbon footprint immediately.

Go research this for yourself, don’t dismiss this, start learning, and take action.




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