Follow the White Trash…

I’ve seen flotillas of white colored trash – plastic bottles and bags heading off to sea.  It’s sad and it churns my stomach.  Finally a couple of intrepid MIT students (I suppose you have to be intrepid to get into MIT), came up with a clever way to see where loose, un-collected trash ends up and how it migrates around the country.  We applaud this type of research, for too long, our out-of-sight-out-of-mind treatment of trash and pollution has been the norm.  The story is linked at the bottom of this blog, so we highly recommend that you take a read.

here’s a quick quote from the article…

“The idea with this tagging exercise is to bring an invisible system to life,” said Assaf Biderman, associate director of MIT’s SENSEable City Lab. “By knowing how long it stays in the system, where it goes, we are hoping to create an increased awareness in the public.”

We at Planet Protect cannot agree more.  The increased problem of plastic pollution in our oceans is a direct result of people loosing control of their daily trash (those plastic bags, sacks, straws, cups, and fast food waste).  Most of the waste ends up in rivers and streams and heads out to sea – by the ton each day.  Head down to LA and the waste water streams are filled with white plastic debris and trash.  It’s truly shocking when you see it for the first time…


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