The Attack on Science, why both sides are at fault for “Climate Gate”

We at Planet Protect Sportswear have been reading with great interest about “climate-gate” and the commentary back and forth.  I started out in college as a science major, physics and astrophysics.  Science has been part of my life since I was very young, and of course my hero was Carl Sagan.  He had a simple and clear way of making the impossible – possible.  He was meticulous about data, analysis and research and I was sad when he left our world, and do we need him now more than ever. There is an assault on science going on today, a resurgence of dismissal, doubt and denial about our physical world, and its exploration.

This isn’t new; science has been at odds with the religious community since the dark ages. It’s been at odds with those who sought education and those who have not.  And today, unfortunately, this battle continues.  Today, the mass communication power of the Internet not only furthers science and thought, it also promotes, misinformation, lies, and pure deceit.  Frankly, the science community has never understood marketing very well.  You don’t run into church in the 1500’s and yell – “The Earth is not at the center of the Universe!”  “Burn him!” They parishioners yell back…  Conversely you don’t run out into the modern world and yell – “We have to change everything, our cars, power plants, our entire lives, because it’s getting warmer and the polar bears are in danger!”  “Discredit him!”  They yell back.  And discredit them; they have been, for the past decade.  Any chink in the armor is exploited, every data glitch is fuel to deny, and a cold day in winter is proof that the “eggheads” have got it wrong.  And now, scientists have been discovered playing with data – back in 1999.

 Thank goodness, this isn’t the only group of scientists studying our world, thank goodness that just about every major university has found alarming data, and that a majority of governments have found the their own data alarming.  We live in a closed system of air, water and land, and if you monkey with the chemistry, you get new results.  Every 7th grader in chemistry class around the globe can attest to this fundamental discovery.  Hopefully, this lesson in global chemistry will be resolved soon as well.

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