Plastic, its what’s for dinner…

Is there nothing NOT wrapped in plastic at the grocery store?  OK, yes, about four items.  But really, can we not come up with another solution besides plastic on every food item in the store?

So we know that most all foods have to pass some kind of inspection for safety, digestibility, nutrition and health.  So since almost all food products are either stored, made, shipped, manufactured or wrapped in some kind of plastic material… who is checking the plastic contents for safety, outgassing, and passing on of toxicity at the store and at home?  I far as I can tell – no one.

Remember back two years ago when the BPA toxicity claims were all in the news?  I happened to be a the Environmental Protection Agency the day the story broke and went international.  I asked the EPA representative about other compounds used in everyday plastic – are they safe?  Her response… “I suppose so, otherwise we’d heard something by now.”  Fantastic science and research, I thought to my self, but this is the world we live in – chemical companies add what ever they want to our food, water, air – and if its dangerous – prove it is what caused your cancer or deformity… the onus is on us.

Here is a list of additives that common everyday plastic contains – if this sounds vaguely familiar to what cigarette activists tried to do 20 years ago, it is.

Antimicrobials, antioxidants, antistatic agents, blowing agents, curing agents, colorants, fillers (hardness), flame retardants, free radical initiators, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, lubricants and mold release agents, plasticizers, reinforcers, ultra-violet stablizers and much more.

You can’t tell me that all of these “agents” which consist of toxic compounds never leach into our foods and water…  food for thought.

Visit our store for more about plastic pollution in our oceans, and our campaigns:


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