Surviving the Cure: the real cancer nightmare

This blog is dedicated to my parents, friends and loved ones who have been through the cancer nightmare.  I have watched, with deep personal horror, as my parents, friends (those alive and now dead), who have been through what I aptly call the cancer treatment outrage.  There is nothing more barbaric, cruel and medieval than cancer treatment in the 21st century.  For those of you who are reading this, who are cancer survivors, I’m delighted that you are here, reading this, and survived the onslaught of poisons, inconsistent care and sheer guessing voodoo that your oncologist put you through.  I do not see these people as doctors – anymore than I think those who did bleedings and exorcisms in the 15th century are doctors.

I currently have yet another friend who is about to go through the chemo/radiation mixture of pain, suffering and brink of death – all in the name of medicine and IF she survives the cure, she will have numb hands and feet (perhaps) for the rest of her life, but she’ll be alive.  And for oncologists, this is a win, until the cancer returns…

I watched my father be brought to the brink of death, writhing in such horrible pain, that we had to dope him on morphine until he passed out – for weeks on end.  The pain was not from the cancer, but from burning him inside out with radiation.  He caught every illness in the hospital because his immune system was destroyed from the chemo therapy, and months later, he slowly began to gain his strength back.  Six years later, he is still suffering from the cure.

You go through this often enough and your perspective changes.  After years of this, you start to see cancer treatment as a game, as a business, one that is thriving. I see cancer centers as warehouses to stack, pack and rack as many people as possible, to milk as much money as possible.  I see research as a complete sham now, I won’t donate a dime.  The colleges, universities, pharmaceutical companies, research facilities have had 50 years to study and research the problem… you’re not getting one more dime from me or my family.

It’s time to shift from cancer research into cancer prevention.  We cannot allow toxicity to be in everything we buy and eat in the name of jobs, profits and convenience.  Cancer rates are high because we poison ourselves – period.  Stop poisoning our air, land and water, and cancer rates will plummet – to what they were before the industrial revolution.  Secondarily, take the business and profit out of cancer, and the research will shift into finding ways to get cells to self terminate that is based on genetics, and not post World War II research and accidental discoveries.

I’m mad as hell that my good friend is at the mercy of the cancer “doctors.”  And as one doctor said to me, with my hands around his neck after my father was about to slip away, “this is all we got.”  Well, its time to do better…. Doctor.

I run an activist sportswear company,, I fight pollution and damage to our oceans…


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