Protect the Sea Turtles: Apparently Feds Won’t

In our last blog of the year, we want to focus on a situation that is very upsetting for marine conservationists like us at Planet Protect Sportswear.  In a December 11, 2009 article, it seems that protections for endangered sea turtles of the coast of Hawaii – Obama’s home state – is being lessened for one group of fishermen.

Its infuriating that politics and back room deals permeates our current system of government – at the expense of marine animals that are on the brink of extinction.

Read the NY Times story here.  Read about the story with Sea Turtle Restoration Project here.

 All I can offer is that you help fund the legal defense funds to protect these amazing and beautiful creatures.  I’ve spent enumerable time watching and studying Green Sea Turtles, and I am saddened  by any attempt to negate their existence.  Please help fight for these ancient and majestic friends of the sea.

Visit our web site,  – we raise funds to help protect our oceans.


One Response to Protect the Sea Turtles: Apparently Feds Won’t

  1. Judy says:

    Thanks for the blog, I read the article, and think you are correct that more money should be funneled to legal funds instead of charities. its the only thing that seems to work these days. Sue the government or the offending corporation..

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