Autism and our Environment: The Final Answer

I just found out that another member of my family has autism.  As a father of an autistic child, and friend of parents with autistic children, and now one of my cousin’s kids was just diagnosed, its extremely sad and frustrating.  We want to know why, we want to know how, and more importantly we want to know why now…  meaning, we didn’t grow up with this disease, its new, it’s an epidemic and… I know the reason why.  We are damaging our children with the toxicity we put into our world, in our homes, and into our bodies.  There can’t be any other reason why.

Sure, there are those that fear immunizations, but we all got them in the 1960’s and 1970’s, with no problems.  If you search the Internet, you’ll find bogus cures, celebrities who claim they cured their child, but this is a world-wide epidemic – that is systemic of one problem that we don’t want to face, that we don’t want to know…. that we are at fault for the lifestyles that we lead and our children are paying for it with their brains being damaged.

Here’s my case in point – look around your home – very little of what you sleep on, eat off, sit on, wear, decorate with and cook with has ever been tested for chemical reaction to your body.  More than 80,000 chemical compounds exist in the marketplace – 250 have been tested.  Our homes, our offices, our places to play, our places to eat, our modes of transportation are outgassing and leaching toxins into our bodily systems every single day.  We are exposed to massive amounts of heavy metals, chemical compounds, detergents, solvents, volatile organic compounds, noxious fumes, exhausts, pesticides, herbicides, plastic residues, mercury from power plants, dozens of carcinogens from our gasoline engines, chlorine in our water, and so much more its mind numbing. 

How about cosmetics?  What about that roll-on, lipstick, hairspray, face cream, wrinkle cream, nail polish, eye liner, hair remover, facial scrub, shampoo, conditioner and myriad other products put on the female body each day (in which 50% to 60% is absorbed) – for years on end?  Are they safe?  Who knows, few products are tested.

What about your food?  With hormones, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, and more strange compounds that I could list nor pronounce..  Are they safe?  What about that cookware with its non-stick paint?  Once again, very little testing is done.

Our bodies store and process this onslaught of toxicity every day.  NOW, imagine the chance a small developing brain has against this daily onslaught, some kind of damage is going to happen to those brains that are susceptible to genetic malady.  In the world of autism we talk about a “spectrum” disorder, meaning each kid is affected differently – some its speech and small motor skills, others its socialization, and others it’s a complete system malfunction.  For me, this is indicative of environmental influence.  If it was something as simple as an immunization shot, the malady would be consistent.   It’s not.  The label spectrum disorder – tells the tale – each family is exposed to different levels of toxicity at different times, and it affects the developing brain differently.

A few years ago, Discover magazine hinted at the problem – they found a direct correlation between pollution levels and autism levels.  The article was largely ignored.  It hit me between the eyes…. it’s the final answer.  But we need to ask the larger question.  When are we going to stop poisoning ourselves and our new-born babies…  When are we going to say no to convenience and ease and think and buy practical and safe – and tested.  When do we say no to jobs and companies that create damage to our society at large?  When do we demand long-term studies of our compounds in use and demand that the protective agencies of our government do their jobs?

Thanks for reading, and to the other parents out there with Autistic children, my heart goes out to you.  Here’s our fight – make the world a less toxic place for the next generation…

I run Planet Protect Sportswear and my company fights pollution, visit our website at – thanks for reading our blog…


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