Planet Protect Sportswear supports the Plastic Bag Ban in Oregon

Oregonians are typically supportive of environmental measures and laws.  It will be very interesting to see how a bill currently being circulated in our capital of Salem will be received.  The infamous “save the plastic bag coalition” is already circulating its talking points and mis-information.  Our major daily paper – the Oregonian – was quick to use the plastic industry PR bullet points (as fact), and report on the story.  These days, fact checking is rare, propaganda rules, and blogs are the news source… (please don’t use this as a news source, this is my opinion). 

Another disturbing fact, is that governmental agencies now routinely use industry stats as their own.  The EPA, is littered with Plastic Industry stats – provided by the Plastic Industry and once again presented as fact.  Sorry, I want third party measures for this kind of discussion.  The Plastic Industry’s new ploy is to make paper a dangerous and potentially devastating green house gas provided (when it decomposes) and a huge energy drain on our already over taxed power generation plants.

I agree, having millions of people shift to paper bags at grocery stores makes about as much sense as wiping your rear end with paper or using it to print out our email, spreadsheets, letters and faxes, or using paper for presents, milk cartons, boxes, greeting cards, posters, flyers, brochures, steamers, labels, confetti or really any other use…

Yes, paper is truly a menace as it is recycled over and over again and eventually ends up as insulation, mulch and degrades back into the soil.  Oh, for those of you who don’t know this.  Plastic has never been recycled in the history since its creation.  It can’t be recycled, its down-cycled into something else.  Let me repeat this – no milk jug has ever been made into another milk jug…  The plastic industry refuses to use used plastic in its manufacturing process.  So if no one wants it… guess what… its put into the landfill.  Go and research this for yourself..

This “save the plastic bag coalition” is all about keeping you hooked and misled.  Its time to end plastic bags. Go get bunch of  canvas bags, and use them, its really easy.


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