Forget Climate Change – Focus on the Oceans for a Change

With all the focus on climate change – which is always difficult during winter as it tends to be cold, and hence the problem is instantly solved in the minds of many. We at Planet Protect keep beating the drum about ocean change, the drastic and immediate effect of CO2 on our oceans.  The nay-sayers about climate change stay far away from Ocean Acidification (the increase of acidity in our oceans).  Why?  Because the science is too solid, too complete to ignore.  The nay sayers can’t blame solar cycles, moon beams, or liberal plots by the Obama Administration (probably add in Al Gore too).  The PH balance of the ocean is shifting  – quickly and with devastating results.  The culprit is CO2, it’s the CO2 we produce and we are to blame.  Hey Fox News, ask me to be on the Glenn Beck show or Hannity and I’ll rip apart your hosts with facts…

Nature is a remarkably resilient and strong process, it can change and adapt in amazing situations, and life on our planet has endured much.  It will endure our tampering with the bio-chemistry, atmospheric chemistry of our world, the problem is, all the beauty, all the elements and life we have come to enjoy will also be changed.

What if all coral reefs died off in the next 15 years?  What if most shelled creatures died off (clams, oysters, shell-fish) in the next 20 years?  What if seas of weeds become the norm?  Yes, life would go on… but would we enjoy this changed world? What kind of world do we want to preserve?  What do we want to conserve?  Its time we focused on our water world, our planet of seas, and its time to see the change happening to our oceans.


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