Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Update: Fear Wins

We at Planet Protect Sportswear were thrilled to hear that a bill was circulating in our capital of Salem that would have finally banned the menace of plastic grocery bags.  That battle ended a few weeks ago with a whimper from the State Senator that enacted the bill.  Not citing his reasons, he mentioned that it started some good discussion.  Which is “politic speak” for I didn’t want to make anyone mad, rock anyone’s boat, or have to take on Big Plastic and their legions of highly paid lawyers.

The most interesting part about this chickening out of taking an extreme problem – one which 11 cities in our country have stood up and said enough – is that people (read conservatives) seem to have this mind-set that anything that we use for convenience is somehow now a right.  Meaning we have legal rights to use environmentally damaging products, simply because we can.  Or we have for a certain period of time, so it must continue without end or modification.  These change-less agents are quick to label anyone wanting a better life, healthier life, or less eco-damaging life as liberal nut jobs.   They feel that industries such as Coal, Oil, and Plastic somehow would never steer us wrong, never tell us an untruth.  Big Plastic is smart, well-funded and is launching mis-leading web sites constantly promoting plastic and demonizing paper products (especially those made from recycled paper).    Change starts at home, buy reuseable bags, use less plastic, buy glass, aluminum and paper, and keep recycling.  Plastic can’t be recycled (it can be downcycled into items like park benches and yes, reuseable totes).  Keep fighting for bans in your city, our oceans, waterways and marine animals need your help.


3 Responses to Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Update: Fear Wins

  1. Sciguybm says:

    Wonder what happened to all the Neanderthals? They are alive and well, living in disguise as thoughtful, intelligent and humane homo sapiens. Which is to say; we have not evolved one twit from lunk-head cave dwellers.
    Greed is indeed the root of all evils. How much more will we destroy in the name of wealth? When does it end, when does the intelligence of mankind finally out-weigh the greed, graft, corruption and inhumanity?
    Answer: never.
    We are doomed to leave behind a lifeless, barren rock instead of the glorious wonderful planet we inherited thanks to the selfish ego-centric greed we developed and nurtured.

  2. PiterJankovich says:

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