Creating our First Ever Planet Protect Clothing

I used to think those fashion reality shows were a bit overdone.  Not any longer.  We here at Planet Protect Sportswear Co. are about to unveil our first line of Northwest made clothing.  The challenges have been amazing, finding US grown and milled material, finding local sewers, non-toxic dyes, trying very hard to keep everything state side.  We flat-out refuse to ship overseas, and we might make a little less profit, but we feel its worth it. 

Our goal is to get retailers around the country to look at our line, and seriously consider buying our brand.  We are excited at the look, very fresh and contemporary, with our ocean based messaging.  If you are a retailer, please contact us, we’d love to show you are photos, samples and pricing.

After our first runway show next week, I’ll be posting a few photos!


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