The Truth about Off Shore Drilling: A Planet Protect perspective

If I learned anything this past week about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (eco-disaster) is that we have no shortage of oil rigs in the Gulf.  Perhaps I was like most American’s who thought that we had a few rigs, that the oil companies wanted more, more leases, more access and more profit.  I come to find out that there are 3,500 rigs being used off 90 platforms.   Excuse me?  So basically, the big ugly oil rigs we see off the coast, have lines leading to hundreds and hundreds of well spots a mile under the sea.

The other disturbing fact – in the past four years there have been 500 fires on these few platforms (according to the Feds), and dozens have been hurt and killed.  So this accident was only a matter of time.  This accident could have happened – hundreds of times before.  We’ve just been lucky – until now.  Obama should have a review of all rigs, and all safety protocols before these 3,500 wells deep under the sea – which we can’t even reach (nor fix) – have problems.


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