Oil, toxins, pollution: Where does it end?

I honestly do not think the average person realizes what a monumental disaster the latest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico means.  The amounts of toxicity – not only from the oil but the highly dangerous dispersants (a nice name for a toxic cocktail that kills just about anything it touches).  Try to image the untold millions of gallons of oil, dispersants and other toxic by products that are now part of our eco-system.  We will be living with this hidden toxicity for years, long after the visible effects are gone.

How many cancer victims in the next 20 years, how many neurological disorders, how many deformities, how many people losing their quality of life earlier than they should.  Well guess what, we will never know.  It will be out of your mind in a few weeks, and you’ll go about your business, your life and think what a beautiful day it is…

Or, are you going to push for change?  Our dangerous addiction and affliction to oil needs to end.  Our air, water and land (and now oceans), are damaged. You want to see cancer rates drop, you want to see less Autism, ADD, and all the modern plagues that are harming our children?   Kick the oil habit, kick the toxicity habit, make that change happen…


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