Plastic Bag Bans – Big Money Involved

Its been awhile since I did some blogging – a very busy summer takes you away from the computer.  I just returned from the Hawaiian Islands – one of my favorite places in the world.  Its one of the first times that I can remember NOT pulling a ton of trash out of the reefs.  Hopefully a good sign and trend.  Recently there have been several attempts at banning plastic bags – in California, and once again the battle has been taken up in Oregon.  Oregonians are known for their environmentalism, but, big money is always at the point of the battle.  Our state senators and representatives are easy prey for big corporate dollars.  Amercian Chemistry and the Plastic Council will end up spending millions to save their precious industry. 

Banning plastic bags and helping stem the tide of plastic pollution in our environment is an uphill battle – and will be.  The public really doesn’t give a crap about it, its just a quick use product that is thrown away or used in the garbage.  99% of the public doesn’t see the damage, doesn’t know the harm caused to marine animals, or care much about the toxicity – because they just don’t see it.   We live in a society that thinks that once something is convenient, and regularly used – it must ALWAYS be so.  Which is damaging and stupid.  Change is hard, and explaining why something needs to be changed is even harder.  Since corporations are now considered having the same rights has living, breathing people (thanks Supreme Court), we are now in for money battles that will dwarf anything we’ve seen before.  Which means that grass roots, blogs, internet campaigns, and giving speeches and seminars are more important than ever.


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