About Planet Protect Sportswear Co.

Planet Protect Sportswear Co. is  an activist sportswear company that was established in 2006 to help raise awareness and funds to protect our oceans.  Visit our store at www.PlanetProtect.com. Our company is run by people who are passionate about making a difference for our marine eco-systems.  If you feel the same we hope you visit our store and help us help those who legislate, research and fight for cleaner, safer more sustainable oceans.

We currently raise money for Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Earth Share and Shark Savers.  We donate 10% of every purchase to these organizations.

This Blog  is our chance to talk about frustrating issues we see when we dive, surf, snorkel and spend time in the oceans.  Our founder has watched the slow decimation of our oceans over the past 25 years, and Planet Protect was born out of this frustration.  It is our goal to become a leader in the Organic Sportswear marketplace, to make a difference for our oceans and provide fashion that stimulates thought and action.

You may not share our opinions, but we challenge you to understand a few simple principles, there is only so much water on the surface of our planet – how much toxicity can one massive body of water handle?  How much floating non-degradable debris can the eco-systems handle?  How much CO2 can the oceans absorb before the acidity levels are hostile to plankton and other vital food-chain species? How much is too much?



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