Forget Climate Change – Focus on the Oceans for a Change

February 11, 2010

With all the focus on climate change – which is always difficult during winter as it tends to be cold, and hence the problem is instantly solved in the minds of many. We at Planet Protect keep beating the drum about ocean change, the drastic and immediate effect of CO2 on our oceans.  The nay-sayers about climate change stay far away from Ocean Acidification (the increase of acidity in our oceans).  Why?  Because the science is too solid, too complete to ignore.  The nay sayers can’t blame solar cycles, moon beams, or liberal plots by the Obama Administration (probably add in Al Gore too).  The PH balance of the ocean is shifting  – quickly and with devastating results.  The culprit is CO2, it’s the CO2 we produce and we are to blame.  Hey Fox News, ask me to be on the Glenn Beck show or Hannity and I’ll rip apart your hosts with facts…

Nature is a remarkably resilient and strong process, it can change and adapt in amazing situations, and life on our planet has endured much.  It will endure our tampering with the bio-chemistry, atmospheric chemistry of our world, the problem is, all the beauty, all the elements and life we have come to enjoy will also be changed.

What if all coral reefs died off in the next 15 years?  What if most shelled creatures died off (clams, oysters, shell-fish) in the next 20 years?  What if seas of weeds become the norm?  Yes, life would go on… but would we enjoy this changed world? What kind of world do we want to preserve?  What do we want to conserve?  Its time we focused on our water world, our planet of seas, and its time to see the change happening to our oceans.


The Attack on Science, why both sides are at fault for “Climate Gate”

December 12, 2009

We at Planet Protect Sportswear have been reading with great interest about “climate-gate” and the commentary back and forth.  I started out in college as a science major, physics and astrophysics.  Science has been part of my life since I was very young, and of course my hero was Carl Sagan.  He had a simple and clear way of making the impossible – possible.  He was meticulous about data, analysis and research and I was sad when he left our world, and do we need him now more than ever. There is an assault on science going on today, a resurgence of dismissal, doubt and denial about our physical world, and its exploration.

This isn’t new; science has been at odds with the religious community since the dark ages. It’s been at odds with those who sought education and those who have not.  And today, unfortunately, this battle continues.  Today, the mass communication power of the Internet not only furthers science and thought, it also promotes, misinformation, lies, and pure deceit.  Frankly, the science community has never understood marketing very well.  You don’t run into church in the 1500’s and yell – “The Earth is not at the center of the Universe!”  “Burn him!” They parishioners yell back…  Conversely you don’t run out into the modern world and yell – “We have to change everything, our cars, power plants, our entire lives, because it’s getting warmer and the polar bears are in danger!”  “Discredit him!”  They yell back.  And discredit them; they have been, for the past decade.  Any chink in the armor is exploited, every data glitch is fuel to deny, and a cold day in winter is proof that the “eggheads” have got it wrong.  And now, scientists have been discovered playing with data – back in 1999.

 Thank goodness, this isn’t the only group of scientists studying our world, thank goodness that just about every major university has found alarming data, and that a majority of governments have found the their own data alarming.  We live in a closed system of air, water and land, and if you monkey with the chemistry, you get new results.  Every 7th grader in chemistry class around the globe can attest to this fundamental discovery.  Hopefully, this lesson in global chemistry will be resolved soon as well.

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Ocean Acidity: The First Symptom of CO2 Excess

May 8, 2009

Its reported, its ignored. This seems to be the mindset of politicians, leaders, and of course companies involved in oil and coal. While the debate and analysis of climate rages on between the Science Community, University Researchers, Climatologists and those who think this is a liberal conspiracy at ending the reign of SUV’s. 

I’m perplexed by the complete dismissal of the first and probably most important symptom of dumping billions of tons of CO2 into our atmosphere – ocean acidification. Ask anyone where they think all this excess gas goes, and trees and plants will be the first answer. After the trees and plants have their fill, then where? You’ll get a blank stare.

Into the oceans.

I’m sure I’ll be labeled an “alarmist,” since this the new buzz label for the Right. So yes, I am alarmed when I read research about the levels of acidity increasing in our oceans, yes, I’m alarmed when I read research about what affect this will have on coral reefs, calcification of marine organisms, biological affects on marine mammals and ultimately our own health and dependence on our oceans.

For those interested check out the 2004 report (yes, five years old) submitted by the Royal Society, along with their dire concerns.  I have the link below.  Or simply search under Ocean Acidification.

Interestingly, the opponents are few and far between, some claim welling up of CO2 from the sea-floor, but just like the debates on climate change, they are blanket statements without any valid research.

Desperate For Salvation: Why Humans Can Do No Wrong

May 6, 2009

It seems that nothing gets the goat of the Right Wing more than Climate Change (Global Warming) right now.  I haven’t seen this much hot debate since Abortion issues of the 1970’s.  I do not profess any great science background, beyond my Bachelor of Science degree and a ton of Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy throughout college.  My main issue today is pollution.  There seems to be this absolute desperation to give humans the BIG OK, “you are doing nothing wrong when it comes to anything that relates to our world.”  This 19th century mode of thinking is dangerous, and it comes to that – 19th vs. 21st century thinking, acting and awareness.

Here’s what concerns me: The levels of mercury in our oceans is dangerously high (coming from Coal Plants), the levels of plastic pollution in our oceans is affecting eco-systems (coming from our throw-away mentality), all this massive CO2 is rising the levels acidity in the oceans, enormous dead-zones are appearing off the coast lines of the US, enormous clouds of smog are drifting into my home town of Portland, OR from China (20% of our air pollution now), the numbers of children with neurological diseases is almost epidemic (including one of my children), and it seems that the main focus for the Right Wing is ice melt data and sun spots.  Honestly, I’m sure that a majority of the world’s researchers are correct in being concerned about our atmosphere and climate and attempting to correct our path isn’t going to harm one single person.  This incessant need to point the finger at Al Gore is senseless, the Right Wingers, are missing the point (as usual), this is about responsibility.  Right now there are 80,000 known chemicals on the market and 200 have been tested for safety, this is about politicians letting companies dump toxic waste into our rivers (my Columbia River) for the sake of a couple of jobs.  This is about taking responsibility for garbage, for toxity, for healthy air and water and food.  Its time for the Neolithic Illusion that nature is inexhaustible to end.  We live in a “closed system’ everything we put in, take out and change affects us all – and yes, that includes CO2.