Creating our First Ever Planet Protect Clothing

March 17, 2010

I used to think those fashion reality shows were a bit overdone.  Not any longer.  We here at Planet Protect Sportswear Co. are about to unveil our first line of Northwest made clothing.  The challenges have been amazing, finding US grown and milled material, finding local sewers, non-toxic dyes, trying very hard to keep everything state side.  We flat-out refuse to ship overseas, and we might make a little less profit, but we feel its worth it. 

Our goal is to get retailers around the country to look at our line, and seriously consider buying our brand.  We are excited at the look, very fresh and contemporary, with our ocean based messaging.  If you are a retailer, please contact us, we’d love to show you are photos, samples and pricing.

After our first runway show next week, I’ll be posting a few photos!


Activist Sportswear: One Customer at a Time

November 9, 2009

Does it help or hurt being a politically active apparel company.  I’m sure my company would gain more customers if we were politically correct, stayed away from tough issues and only focused on pretty words and phrases.  The fact is, I started Planet Protect Sportswear because I’m sick of the decimation of our oceans, the lack of focus on our marine environments, and the lack of protections (Internationally) for our oceans around the world.   Should I focus on what’s primarily good, and ignore the serious concerns?  Marine activism isn’t sexy, its not very fashionable, though I think our graphics and designs are cool, it may well be a turn off for a majority of our female customers.  Plastic pollution isn’t on the forefront of everyone’s mind… but wIMG_1551ho else is going to push this issue.

The occasional news stories about marine and coastal concerns isn’t going to change a thing.  The acidity levels in our oceans are rising, and governments around the world – including our own, are more concerned with short-term jobs and profits than long-term livability and responsibility.

We have some great new items coming out next year, stylish, cool, hip and very attractive.  However, everything we sell is a reminder that the fight for our oceans must continue.  Our customers wear our clothes with pride, and if it means we sell less, because we support activism and conservationist attitudes, well that’s OK too!

Planet Protect: New Styles Coming for 2010

October 6, 2009

We have some great new styles coming this Spring.  We are currently working on new designs, patterns and color themes for our shirts, skirts, hoodies and more.  We will be introducing a new performance brand – our own – that we are developing.  Our goal is to live up to our name – Planet Protect, the Organic Sportswear Company – by producing/manufacturing  locally, buying from U.S. fabric suppliers, and giving to causes that work here in the U.S.   This way we minimize our footprint, keep jobs here, and keep our prices low.

Changing Minds: one t-shirt at a time

September 16, 2009

Planet Protect Sportswear recently participated in the Muddy Boot Organic Festival.  We had a phenomenal time selling clothes, talking about our oceans and environment, and raising some money for our charitable partners.  One thing about working the “green” shows, is that you typically talk to people who are in agreement with you, have similar opinions and want you to succeed. 

sea life 5I’ve done my fair share of shows where patrons scrutinize your mission, your intentions and deny that environmental issues exist.  Selling to these customers is satisfying in that you hopefully moved an opinion.  Which is becoming more and more challenging in our entrenched mindset society.  Both liberals and conservatives seem hell-bent on not excepting each others opinions and ideas.  So where is the moderate with the ability to compromise and negotiate.  Are we now a two-party, two ideal country?  Certainly hope not.

For Planet Protect, we have found a simple formula to help change minds – fashion.  Our designs seem to bring in, all groups of people, they are attracted to the colors, the simple application of graphic design and text, and are willing to listen.  And even more willing to buy.  I had one guy a couple of years ago – enter my booth at a Boat Show, he was wearing camouflage, had a beer ball cap on, and his first words were – “you some kind of tree hugger or something.”  My response was – “no, more like a dolphin hugger.”   Which made him laugh, and he immediately noted that so was his youngest daughter.  I told him about our mission and he ended up buying two shirts.  I never forgot that lesson, be funny, be accommodating, and mention our friend in need – the dolphin…

Elements of Life Series

July 15, 2009


We’ve updated our Elements of Life Series T-shirts with a new graphic showing the importance of earth, air, water and the oceans.  So far they’ve been a huge hit at consumer shows and on our website.  Shown here is Earth.  Visit our website if you are interested in this series.

Earth Share Series of T-Shirts

May 29, 2009

Planet Protect Sportswear is proud to announce a new series of T-shirts designed with EarthShare Oregon’s goals and values in three eye-catching designs.  The series is on sale now at our web site and be sure to visit  for more info about the 70 environmental charities they serve.  $3.00 from each shirt goes direct to the organization.ES-Group

 EarthShare Oregon executive director Trudy Toliver and Planet Protect founder Jim Beriault decided it was time to create a series of T-shirts representing the values of EarthShare.  The EarthShare series was designed by artist Brian Gurney of Creative Vibe and represents the three areas of action for EarthShare Oregon and its 70 environmental charities: Keeping People Healthy, Reducing Pollutants and to Preserving Resources and Natural Areas.

Is Plastic Harmless T-Shirt Now on Sale

May 7, 2009

Our latest shirt features the reasons to be concerned about Plastic Pollution in our oceans.  The features stats such as 3 milion tons of plastic now swirl in the Pacific Ocean, million of marine animals are harmed or killed each year due to plastic ingestion.  Startling facts, and we developed the shirt to bring home the message in a strong way.  We will donate $3.00 for each shirt sold to Algalita Marine Research Foundation.

New shirt featuring stats on Plastic Pollution affecting our oceans

New shirt featuring stats on Plastic Pollution affecting our oceans